On-site service throughout Germany.

German efficiency meets international creativity to open up new business horizons.

Boerberg Consulting KG for speed and reliable service in business processes

Support at local investment banks,working in connection with Chambers of Commerce in Germany

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Why Germany.

Export leading country, high quality production, high purchasing power of individuals, large economy and voluminous market, locomotive and leading power in Europe, the best center for those who want to grow on a European and global scale

No matter who you are, Boerberg has the service you need.


We offer tailor-made, tailored and affordable solutions that guarantee the best possible success for your new company or business start-up in Germany.

Start-Up Projects

All-round service for your startup Guides you on how to grow your company’s brand


Boerberg Consulting KG gives you an overview of the German market.


Boerberg Consulting KG .